We all know Massage is relaxing but you may find the same areas bothering you again shortly after you leave the office, this is because the area that hurts is often a secondary issue. Those poor postures and movement imbalances can lead to unecessary wear and tear on your muscles, joints, liagments and makes us susceptible to chronic pain or injuries.  That is why Myoskeleal Alignment Therapy is the choice to naturally realign posture for relieving chronic aches and pain, help recover faster or prevent future injuries follow by restoring muscular imbalances.
First we check your gait movement patterns and stability assessments, next we listen to your goal and concerns with designing corrective plan for you.  The goal for corrective exercises is to restore the weak core muscles to work together by teaching proper bracing methods to get you ready for those advance complex exercises. 

We make it more challenging by adding balance with resistance strenght trainging to prepare yourself for the performance enhancement methods. The performance enhancement blends balance and resistance traiing, speed and power in all multiplane movements, which your body is the strongest all around. 

The Massage recovery will be followed after each hour sessions by using manual manipulative Osteopathy Therories and Rolfing, which combines a blended styles Massage Therapy like Neuromsucular Therpy, PNF, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Therapy and Trigger Point with applying heat or cold analgesics to avoid the " pain to gain " when it comes to deep work and prevent inflammatory tissues respones. We PLEASE RECOMMEND  drinking lots of water after your sessions in the future.

 *Get three 90 minute sessions*
*Deep heating cooling analgesics* 

  1. Floor Bridges
    We start with the basics and may modified exercises if needed, the block is used for helping the quads and hips to group together as one.
  2. Foam roller
    We can teach you proper foam rolling techniques to relieve discomfort areas you find when working out, foam rollers come in all sizes and groves for that deeper pressure you may want.
  3. Massage Therapy
    We include myofascial release techniques to restore muscles to communicate the kinetic energy force in transmitting your body movement.
  4. Dynamic Stretching
    Dynamic stretching will be included to see your comfortable stability and open up limited range of motion in certain area that may be effecting your strength coordination