L ocation & Direction  
Parking lot is included or you may park on the street, we are on the second floor lobby but please wait to be called  in. New clients must fill out the health form first before coming in for the appointment, the front desk should provide you the form or if they are not present, the form will be on the desk.

​The Bathrooms are located on the left or right side of the elevators, the code for the males is 541 and for the womens is 145

The building hours opens between Monday thru Friday,  the main doors will lock after 5:30 pm and after hours use the call box by pressing the numbers 051 to get in.

2121 Eisenhower Ave Suite 205 Alexandria, VA 22314
OFFICE:  703-518-7946

   CELL:  571-317-9978

[email protected]